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About Us


Quitalia, partner of "Solo Italia" group, has been providing visitors to Italy with a comprehensive range of tourism services for over 15 years. Our in depth knowledge of this beautiful country, as well as the Italian language and culture, has helped us ensure our customers experience an unforgettable vacation. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to all tourist-related services – backed by cutting edge technology, and a team of professional representatives across Italy.

Within our website you’ll find a wide range of selected accommodation options, in the most attractive locations of "Belpaese". Our site also provides indispensible information for tourists traveling to Italy: recommended tourist sites, restaurants, markets, sport events, tour guides, shopping venues, entertainment opportunities and more.


Quitalia has everything covered when it comes to travel to Italy. From booking hotels, arranging conventions and incentive tours, to renting villas and holiday resorts, booking hotels for exhibitions and conferences, setting up cooking courses, ski lessons and more…


The Quitalia team consists of highly professional tourism and technology experts, as well as field representatives who work in partnership with businesses, hotels and clients.


Client satisfaction is our number one goal. We achieve this by helping customers:

Enjoy Italy

Quitalia offers comprehensive information and booking options for all things tourist-related: hotels, villas and holiday resorts, restaurants, hotspots, shows, sport events, markets, museums, day tours and more.

Save Time

Our familiarity with Italy enables us to gather all the available options and provide you with the best of the bunch.

Find Variety

Quitalia’s website is packed with hotels to suit any budget or taste – so you’re sure to find a suitable choice of accommodation.

Save Money

Quitalia has personal connections with Italian tourist industry groups and companies– meaning we can always give you the most competitive market prices.

Learn from Others

On the website, you can read reviews from customers who have booked hotels through Quitalia. By finding out what people really think - what the hotel’s good and the bad points are - you can make a reservation with confidence and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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