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Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions set forth by Quitalia and its services. They apply to all services offered by Quitalia through any type of medium, including online, mobile phones, telephone and other current or future forms of media. Using the Quitalia website or any of its services or applications in any way, or by booking a reservation, implicitly and actively acknowledges compliance to the terms set forth below. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

Our Service

Quitalia website provides a platform through which you can book hotels in Italy and receive information about various services in Italy.

Once you make a reservation through the Quitalia website you are entering a legally binding contract with both Quitalia and the booked hotel. Quitalia’s service and role is an intermediary, providing you with the ability to make your reservation at the hotel and sending you a confirmation with the information about your future hotel visit.

Through our services, we disclose information that is provided directly from the hotels and hotel affiliates. All of our information comes from these sources, and the hotels themselves are expected to update the information. We cannot guarantee that any of the information is current or accurate in any way, nor can we be held responsible for inaccurately represented information by the hotel. It is the hotel, not Quitalia, which is responsible for keeping rates current and accurate as well as their claims and promises, including the information used to describe the hotel and any of its services. We also do not endorse or denounce any of the hotels listed on this site, nor do the reviews/surveys/guest posts that may correspond to a hotel count as an endorsement or denouncement of said services.


In order to book a room, hotels need your credit card information. This is the only way for them to reserve your room. When we receive your credit card information for processing the reservation, we will send that information to the hotel directly. We may also verify/authorize your card through our safely encrypted SSL technology. The hotel may also verify/authorize the card itself.

Some special offers require your credit card to be authorized and charged at the time of your reservation, and may not include any option for a refund as described in the special offer/rate. As such, it is important that you check the details of your room thoroughly before you book the room, in order to ensure you accept the conditions before you make your reservation.

Different hotels have different policies. Some charge your credit card during your stay, some charge near the cancellation date. Others may charge you in advance when you are dealing with a special offer in order to reserve your room. In any case, you will be notified regarding the precise charge date in the confirmation email.

Cancellations Policies

In order to make a reservation at a hotel, you must agree to their current cancellation policies, no show policies, and also their terms and conditions. All information is available before and after the reservation is completed. Some rates and special reservation deals cannot be cancelled. These should be indicated on the room details. It is important that you always check the cancellation information on any hotel before you book. Quitalia is not responsible for whether or not you were able to read the cancellation information or the accuracy of that information, when that information is not written by Quitalia.

Should you want to cancel or amend the reservation, you should refer to the confirmation email you received following your reservation and follow the instructions provided. Depending on the cancellation policy, you may be charged according to either the hotel’s cancellation policy or no show policy, depending on when you cancel the reservation.

User Registration Obligations

Quitalia requires users to submit accurate information. That is why you agree to provide all information requested in the registration forms accurately, and to update the data immediately when applicable to ensure that the data is accurate and complete. Any information that is found to be inaccurate provides the right for Quitalia to cancel, suspend, or otherwise terminate or alter service to the user and prevent the user from using the Quitalia service in the future.


Unless permitted by law, Quitalia is not responsible for damages or issues related to your stay at these hotels. Our liability is based solely on damages incurred through the use of our website, and can be no greater than the total cost of the hotel reservation, based on the total value received in the confirmation email.

Unless permitted by law, Quitalia, its officers, employees, executives, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, distribution partners, agents, licensors, promoters, marketers, or any other company or persons related to Quitalia are not responsible or liable for:

  • Personal damages including loss of contract, loss of reputation, punitive damages, revenue loss, indirect loss, direct losses or any other type of loss.
  • Inaccuracies, false promises, or misleading information made by the hotel or its agents on the Quitalia website, including descriptive information, rates, services or products.
  • Direct or indirect damages or losses that occur due to any delays or problems using the Quitalia service or website.
  • Any injury, losses, death, damages, or costs due to legal or illegal acts, negligence, misconduct, omissions, misrepresentations or other actions caused by the hotel, including its executives, directors, agents, or related companies. Quitalia is not responsible for damages or losses that result from any aspect of your stay, nor is Quitalia responsible for lost reservations, overbooking problems, employees on strike or other issues that occur at or through the hotel and its staff or partners.


Unless otherwise stated, all of the software related to our services or used by our website is owned and belongs solely to Quitalia or its partner providers. All intellectual property rights, including marketing strategies, text, copywriting and any ideas found herein are also the sole property of Quitalia and/or its suppliers.

These terms and conditions were written in English. They may have been translated to other languages. Translations are offered as a courtesy, but the rights to use this site are afforded only by the English version.

All of these terms and conditions on our site are governed in accordance with Israeli law to the extent permitted by international laws. Any issues with following these terms and conditions must be submitted to the courts in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Links to Connected External Websites

Quitalia is not responsible or liable in any way for any issues that occur on websites that are found through the use of Quitalia’s website and any of its links, or any damages or losses that occur from using those sites. All links supplied by Quitalia on any Quitalia service are not necessarily approved by Quitalia nor do they represent Quitalia’s implicit or explicit endorsement.

Rights Reserved

We at Quitalia provide our services only for personal use. Commercial use is prohibited, and no one may sell, link, copy, or otherwise use or show any content on the website, the software, or the information provided by Quitalia and/or the hotel or review information on the Quitalia site for any commercial purpose without expressed, written consent from Quitalia