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What To Do In Milan
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Things to do in Milan

We offer a range of activities in Milan, from cooking lessons to recommended parks, shows and exhibitions. Aside from just sightseeing, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Milan that will make your stay unforgettable!

3 Premium Results
I Salici Q.h.
Via per Carpiano 47, 20077, Melegnano MAP
Phone: 3936520626
Centro Ippico Di Inzago
Via Trieste 35, 20068, Peschiera Borromeo MAP
Phone: 027532900
Green Road
Via Cassino d'Alberi 2B, 20067, Tribiano MAP
Phone: 3294011396
Centro Ippico Il Quadrifoglio
Via F. Sforza 9, 20068, Peschiera Borromeo MAP
Phone: 025470133
Centro Ippico Ambrosiano
Via S. Dionigi 121, 20139 MAP
Phone: 025695394
Le Scuderie Del Leon D'oro Soc. Coop. Sport. Dilettantistica
Via Montenero 34, 20060, Truccazzano MAP
Phone: 029583753
Centro Ippico Lo Steccato
Via Santa Maria Bambina 37, 20066, Melzo MAP
Phone: 3384661697
Centro Ippico Di Melzo
Cascina Mascheroni, 20066, Melzo MAP
Phone: 3479504811
Associazione Sportiva Malpaga Equitazione
Cascina Oggioni 1, 20064, Gorgonzola MAP
Phone: 0295302799
Centro Equestre La Cascinetta
Via Treviglio, Localita' Taranta 1012, 20062, Cassano d'Adda MAP
Phone: 0363360132

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