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Naples To create just one image of Naples - really isn’t possible! It’s such a diversified town which has to be lived, has to be experienced, with such an encompassing atmosphere that you inevitably fall in love with the town. Naples has so many diverse aspects - but thankfully remains genuine. It’s a town where old caskets, full of art treasures have recently been discovered after years of being left abandoned in ancient roman quarters. The Plebiscito square has been reborn and is now back to its old splendor, after years of being nothing more than a chaotic car park. You may ask yourself how much has Naples changed? Well, it’s not perfect - but then in Naples a little untidiness is in its nature! The beauty of Naples lies in the fact that it doesn’t try to hide its real life or the real Naples - yes it’s rather poor but also modest - Naples elegantly shows off her squares, castles, noble palaces, monasteries, cloisters, churches and fascinating artwork with three thousand years of history. ufficio: Piazza esquilino 6/7, Roma
The history of Appian Line goes back as far as 70 years. With innovative ideas, dynamic management and a highly professional staff, the Company has developed to be one of the leaders in the Italian travel industry. An established organisation Iike ours guarantees the best service at the right price for your clients. Our strong purchasing power comes from our wide network of contacts with the most qualified suppliers throughout the country. We handle all land services directly, with our limousines and de luxe motorcoaches, and with our highly qualified guides, tour escorts and drivers. The quality of an in-house product assures you the best result and gives you an additional advantage on the final deal. Appian Line has served tourists for more than 30 years in Italy, giving them professional assistance in all the corners of the peninsula. Our reputation is founded on our destination knowledge and high quality service, and we offer a full range of services that are operated completely in-house. In this way, we can ensure that all the staff and equipment involved are controlled by us. Therefore a standard of high quality in service is guaranteed. Form a long list of programs for Incentives, Conventions, Special Interest Groups and F.I.T.'s you can design the perfect personalised trip or holiday for your clients.

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