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What To See In Pisa
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Attractions in Pisa

There are plenty of sites to see and places to visit on your vacation in Pisa. Below you’ll find information on the most interesting tourist attractions and must-see destinations in Pisa and the surrounding area.

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Piazza San Matteo in Soarta MAP
In the Piazza of San Matteo in Soarta, at the former convent dating from the eleventh century, houses the Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, the most important art gallery throughout Pisa. The museum reopened after restoration in 1949, houses paintings and...MORE INFO
Piazza del Duomo MAP
The immense Baptistry at the Cathedral in Pisa was constructed in 1152 by the architect Diotisalvi. The architectural style marks a distinct transition from the typical Romanesque buildings of the city toward the Gothic style. The interior of the Baptistry...MORE INFO
Piazza del Duomo MAP
The Cathedral Museum houses the treasures from the buildings on the Square of Miracles, including paintings, sculptures, church relics and tombs. The two-story buildings features exhibitions features artifacts from the 11th century onward. Notable pieces...MORE INFO
S224 MAP
Sitting on the bank of the Arno River, St. Peter’s Church on the Quay is a Romanesque basilica built on the spot that St. Peter set foot in Italy. Decorated in the Norman style that is typical throughout much of Pisa, this church has an interesting façade...MORE INFO
Piazza del Duomo MAP
The Cathedral Square in Pisa is the main square of the city where the most important and historic buildings stand tall around the perimeter. The square is also known as the Square of Miracles as nicknamed in one of poet Gabriele d’Annunzio’s novels....MORE INFO
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