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What To See In Rome
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Attractions in Rome

There are plenty of sites to see and places to visit on your vacation in Rome. Below you’ll find information on the most interesting tourist attractions and must-see destinations in Rome and the surrounding area.

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V. dei Fori Imperiali MAP
Situated in the valley between the Capitoline Hill and the Palatine Hill, the famed Roman Forum is a popular spot for visitors wanting to experience the ancient government buildings that once dominated the city of Rome. During ancient times, the Roman...MORE INFO
P.za Marconi 8 MAP
The Museum of Folk Art and Traditions is located in the Italian EUR suburb. The building houses exhibits dedicated to showcasing how the common Roman peasants and civilians lived during the times of the great Roman Empire. Displays include farming tools,...MORE INFO
Piazza del Collegio Romano, 2 MAP
Piazza del Gesù MAP
The Church of the Gesu, or Church of the Jesuits, is the mother church of this denomination in Rome. The façade is known as the first Baroque style façade, created in 1568. Michelangelo offered to design the church for free, but Cardinal Farnese insisted...MORE INFO
V. del Tulliano MAP
Built in 46 BC by Julius Caesar, the Forum of Caesar is located within the Roman Forum in the northeast quadrant. The Forum of Caesar was a place for public business and a shrine for Caesar himself. After Caesar’s assassination, a statue of the leader...MORE INFO
Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5 MAP
Piazza di S. - Maria Maggiore MAP
The largest Roman Catholic Marian church in Italy, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, is owned by the Holy See and policed by Vatican City State agents instead of Italian police. This church is only one of four churches that hold the title of a major...MORE INFO
Piazza del Colosseo MAP
The Colosseum amphitheater is one of the most-visited sites in Rome and is considered one of the most impressive works of Roman architecture. Formerly the Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum was built in 72 AD and remained the largest amphitheater ever...MORE INFO
Palazzo Colonna, via della Pilotta, 17 MAP
P.za Marconi 14 MAP
Neolithic artifacts are on display at the public research museum in Rome, the Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography. The museum was established by Luigi Pigorini in 1876 to showcase the collections of the Pigorini houses. Artifacts on...MORE INFO

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