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What To See In Venice
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Attractions in Venice

There are plenty of sites to see and places to visit on your vacation in Venice. Below you’ll find information on the most interesting tourist attractions and must-see destinations in Venice and the surrounding area.

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Campo di Frari MAP
The large and impressive Church of the Friars Minor in Venice is one of the city’s most beautiful churches. Founded by Franciscan monks, the church features the second tallest bell town in the city, right behind the bell tower of Saint Mark’s Basilica....MORE INFO
In the Republic of Venice, the Marriage of the Sea (celebrated on the Feast of the Sensa, ie Ascension) was a ceremony symbolizing the maritime dominion of Venice. The ceremony was established around the year 1000 to commemorate the conquest of Dalmatia...MORE INFO
World renowned for its history, architecture and beauty, the city of Venice in northern Italy remains a popular destination for visitors looking for a true taste of ancient Italy. Often cited as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, Venice’s history...MORE INFO
Campo S. - Vidal MAP
Located on the banks of the Grand Canal, the Cavalli-Franchetti Palace in Venice was built in 1565 and modernized in the 19th century. After the Napoleonic wars when Austria was granted the territory of Venice, changes were made to the façade to give...MORE INFO
Campo S. Zaccaria MAP
The Church of Saint Zachary in Venice features a strong Lombard style façade that was constructed between 1480 and 1500 by Codussi. The interior of the church is enormous, with a huge Renaissance nave that is covered with paintings, including some by...MORE INFO
The Feast of Saint Mark honors the city’s patron saint with ceremonies and celebrations. Men traditionally give their girlfriends and wives red rosebuds on this day. ...MORE INFO
San Giorgio Maggiore MAP
On the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Church of Saint George the Greater in Venice provides beautiful sweeping views of the harbor and mainland from its bell tower. The shining white façade gives way to an equally bright interior with white walls...MORE INFO
Campo S. - Rocco MAP
Established in 1478, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice houses one of the most well-known paintings by artist Tintoretto. Wealthy Venetians commissioned the building for meetings and to showcase the arts. Paintings in the Sala Terrena and Sala...MORE INFO
Ca' Vendramin Calergi MAP
The Palazzo Vendramin Calergi in Venice sits on the banks of the Grand Canal as has served as a residence for wealthy patrons throughout history. Built in the 15th century with a Renaissance-style façade, the palace features French doors and many beautiful...MORE INFO

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