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What To See In Verona
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Attractions in Verona

There are plenty of sites to see and places to visit on your vacation in Verona. Below you’ll find information on the most interesting tourist attractions and must-see destinations in Verona and the surrounding area.

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Beautiful Verona is one of the lesser visited cities in Italy, but is well worth a visit because of its rich history, elegant historic center, romantic atmosphere and lively streets. The Romans colonized the city in 89 BC, with many Roman relics still...MORE INFO
Corso Sant'anastasia MAP
Located near the Ponte Pietra in the old part of Verona, the Church of St Anastasia was designed by the Dominicans and constructed in 1400. The beautiful vaulted ceiling of the nave features gilding and lunettes depicting religious scenes and a famous...MORE INFO
Corso Castelvecchio, 2 MAP
Located in the Old Castle of Verona, the Castelvecchio Museum is home to a large collection of sculptures, paintings, statues, ceramics and ancient weapons. The most famous pieces of work in the museum are sculptures by Bellini and Andrea Mantegna. ...MORE INFO
Piazza dei Signori MAP
The Piazza dei Signori is located near the location of the ancient court in Verona and is home to some of the most important civic buildings in the city, such as the Lamberti Tower, Scaligero Tower, Loggia del Consiglio and Palazzo del Governo. This...MORE INFO
The prize of green cloth," also known as the Palio of Verona, is a race that takes place in Verona. Established nearly 800 years ago, in 1208, is the race's oldest organized mondo.Nel 1796, by the beginning of the French occupation, there was the ultimate...MORE INFO
Piazza Brà MAP
The Arena in Verona is one of the most well preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. The building was constructed in 30 AD to hold plays and games before an audience of at least 30,000. Today, the arena still stands and holds operatic and ballet performances...MORE INFO
V. Redentore MAP
The ancient Roman Theater in Verona was once one of the most popular cultural activity centers in the city. Operas and plays were once held here, as a smaller alternative to the larger Roman amphitheater. Today, only the cavea, steps and parts of the...MORE INFO
V. Duomo MAP
The Verona Cathedral was constructed in 1187 and is one of the most celebrated churches in the region. The church features a mix of architectural styles including Romanesque, Gothic, Lombard and Classical in different parts of the design. Inside, pink...MORE INFO
Corso Cavour MAP
The Old Castle, or Castelvecchio, in Verona was built in the 14th century by Cangrande II Scaliger during his rule of the city in the Middle Ages. Though smaller than other castle’s in the region, the fortress is sturdy and impressive with a keep, four...MORE INFO
Largo D. Bosco MAP
One of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Verona, and in northern Italy, is the Church of St Zeno Maggiore. This church features lovely Lombard arcading and bronze doors. Dedicated to Verona’s patron saint Zeno, the church’s interior showcases...MORE INFO
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